Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Morning Loud Mouth

He is my favorite. He is loud and kind of dumb. Looking for a lady friend. He screams outside my window all year round. When the curtains are open he sees his own reflection and tries to kick his own butt! We have to close the curtains or he will likely cause himself brain damage.....if that hasn't already happened.

I like hearing him this time of year. He is singing louder. Hoping for a new friend and warmer days. March 1 today! Already? Too bad there are snow flurries in the forecast :( I still can't help think of spring when I see him. There has been a constant stream of Canadian Geese flying overhead also. Honking and getting the dogs all worked up. The bald eagles are in the area also. I have seen them fishing in the rivers and circling over my back yard. Spring is almost here! I am thinking warmer thoughts!

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