Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love farmhouse tables. I have one. Kind of :). It is actually a beat up old table that I painted the legs black. I did this to get me by until I find "the one". I painted the chairs black also. I then distressed them to give the well loved look. I like how they turned out but now I am ready for something new. Something really distressed or just out of the backyard feel to it. I like the legs of my current table.

They look something like this.

I guess I am just lusting for a different top! It's the top that bothers me on mine. Too modern? Probably. I think I like these a little better.

THIS one I found on Knock Off Wood. I know a certain handyman that may be able to make a new top for me....out of stuff we have in the garage already!!!!

I wonder when I can talk him into making me one? Maybe after the kitchen flooring is done, the crown moulding in the entire house is up and the spring plantings are in :) Love you My Handyman.


mom said...

can you just use a piece of plywood:-)

Low Tide High Style said...

I like your table as is, but your inspiration pics are really pretty too!

Kat :)