Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Go To People

Wow. What an emotional week it has been for me, and it is only Tuesday. I have witnessed so much in my life this week. I had the bittersweet experience of participating in an adoption and the agony of watching a mother lose her child in a senseless accident. How do you prepare for losing something so precious? How do you let something so loved go?

I was reminded of this again tonight when I stumbled across something posted on Facebook by friends. It led me to the story of Layla Grace. How do parents prepare for the inevitable? What kind of faith do you have to have in order not to go crazy? Who will be there to help you work through your emotions and take on some of your grief? Who are your "go to" people.

I am so glad I get to experience the things I do. It is one of the reasons I am a social worker. Is it hard? Of course it is! Do I cry? Of course I do! There are days I want to chuck it all out the window. Those are the days my pals at work pat me on the back and remind me that I can continue and I should continue. They have their days also.

We are specialists in taking on others emotions. People vent their frustrations, anger, sadness, joy, pain and love to me all day. I would like to say that I spend most of my day wrapped in joy and love......but I work in a hospital. They are not known as being places of great joy.

The range of emotions that I encounter on a daily basis can be draining. But then seeing a transformation in a person through their acceptance, change or relief brings great reward to my heart. I know that I am doing what God wants me to do. To comfort and teach others.

I would like to say that these emotions are left at work and that I don't bring them home. I'd be lying! But when I walk in the door there are always two pairs of arms waiting for me and a good hug will help release those emotions. I am blessed. They are my reward for doing what I do. They are the gifts from God and my faith in him that carry me through. Along with God they are my "go to" people.

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