Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Career Aspirations

No not for me. I am not embarking upon a 3rd career. It's the little man of the house. He is fascinated with all things creepy, crawly and just plain gross.

He is obsessed with the show Verminators. He can name the top exterminators like I can name my All My Children characters (really Greenleigh---David---come on!). He has high hopes of moving somewhere where there are "more rodents and bugs". I kid you not!

We had a mouse this winter. He became our number one trap setter and checker. The mouse was caught and has been gone for months. He will still make the weekly rounds to check the traps. This one is is favorite. He gives it two thumbs up (just as long as you don't get your fingers caught in there). I wonder if we should throw him an Isotech themed 7th birthday party? Because he wants one!

Last night we were discussing what he would need to study in school in order to become a Isotech exterminator. I figured you would need a good biology /chemistry background. People and business skills couldn't hurt either. Of course psychology and math would be very helpful. He informed me that they "already talked about math at school". Good he is set! Kindergarten was successful!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Cole knows what he's talking about with those traps! Did you know they work even better when you put the peanut butter in the TOP part-then they have to stand on the trigger part to get to it ;-) Bugs are cool!!! GO COLE!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked Step-mom!