Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who's Been a Naughty Blogger?

Wow. Halfway through January and I have not blogged. Bad bad blogger! Not much is going on. Life is back to normal after Christmas. We have had horrid weather and it really has kept us housebound. I really don't mind being home but it may be starting to wear on the stay at home Daddy! No school since Tuesday! Things are pretty rough when I get home.  We have had tons of snow and sub zero temps. I am ready for a vacation that is coming up! It is to someplace warm.  I think I may start tanning so I don't burn! 

I didn't make resolutions this year. They always fail. But I have "promised myself" to read more, get my rear back to the gym, log my points better and continue to create. Every Jan/Feb (also in July/Aug) I go through the closets and cabinets and toss or donate. I have the kitchen and my scrap space done so far. Next is the laundry room, Cole's toys and the coat closet. Then it is onward and upward the the clothes.  I love doing it, I just need the time!

Here are some random pics from this year. Enjoy.

January watermelon?
This is getting old!

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