Monday, January 26, 2009

Perfect Day!

Well another week gone by. It all just seems to go so fast. It seems like I just get up and get work only to come home and head to bed. I really do wish we could add 4 more hours to the day. 
I had today off b/c I worked at the hospital yesterday. I did not clean a thing! I took a nap while Cole was at school! I scrapped my day away. What a perfect day. Steve at his computer working, me at the scrapdesk and Cole and the dogs in and out playing. One of the reasons I love winter. You can stay in and not feel bad about it!
It is pretty chilly here. No snow lately. We still have too much from earlier in the month! The snow is fine. The ice is not! It makes the drive to work a pain in the rear.
Well off to watch TV and clean up my scrap space. Talk to you all later.

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