Friday, November 21, 2008

Stressed out proud parent

Well it has occured. Cole has finally divided and counqured his parents. He has a Daddy that doesn't follow through and a Mommy that yells because he won't listen. It got so bad around here last night that I was in my room by 7pm watching TV and sleeping. How much longer to I have to drop him off in Nebraska. Just kidding but man was he a pain last night! What really gets me is the glowing report card he go from the teachers at his parent teacher conference yesterday. Listen to this..........................
"Cole is a very happy and friendly little boy. He always comes into the room with a smile on his face and gets right to work at a center or an activity. Cole plays in all the areas of the room during a typical day, but the discovery table, blocks and science center seem to be his favorites. COLE IS A GOOD LISTENER AT RUGTIME. He answers questions about the topic of the day and adds his own ideas and information to the discussion. Cole is very independent and CLEANS UP AFTER HIMSELF at snack time and after center time play. He is easy going and kind to all his classmates and teachers. HE COMES OVER WHEN CALLED TO DO HIS PROJECTS AND WORK AT THE TABLES. Cole seems very happy and content at school"

She also told Steve that he is advanced in reading and right on target for math. So he must do the math at school b/c here pretends he can barely count! He keeps asking her to teach him how to tell time and count money. He is very interested in both of those at home also. "What time is ......What does 1:34mean Mom........He will be right on target for kindergarten next year for the full 5 day program. Drats I was thinking boarding school!

It is getting cold here. We have had a couple of days of flurries but nothing that sticks.........for this I am grateful. It is cold enough that I am starting the car and letting it warm up in the mornings. We have finally been able to park in the garage. It will be nice not to scrape snow this winter!

I have a ton of scrappy projects this weekend. I hope that I have the mojo. I should have the memory album complete. I also have some christmas decor and presents to work on. I need to clean my space to prepare but why? Just going to get messy again!

Well off to get ready to head to the hospital. Have a good one everybody!

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Noelle said...

I see that happen all the time -- we get totally different kids at school than the parents see at home!