Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just another day

It is amazing how the older I get the more I appreciate weekends where there is nothing going on. I don't have to be anywhere, see anybody or do anything. We call them jammie weekends. Cole and I have managed to stay in our p.j.s the entire weekend. Don't worry we showered and cleaned the house. We also worked on Christmas cards and gifts. I would show them but...........they are gifts people. Duh.

Cole is showing interest in math now. We decided to start "playing store". We put price tags on canned goods and toys so Steve and I can take turns "shopping". Cole is loving adding and subtracting the amounts and putting them in the bag. He is even wearing his Wal Mart badge that he got a Wal Mart the other day for a field trip. Now I need to find some play money. Shhhhhh! Don't tell him he is learning. Now I need a good "telling time" game........Aunt Noelle can figure that one out.

On the dog front. Alice is a strange one! She can now jump up on Steve's chair. She sits there and barks until someone spins her in the chair (not fast). She loves going in circles...........nuts. Steve informed Betsy that she had "become the smart one"!

Well since we are heading to Menards and Michaels I better break the jammie streak and put on clothes. Talk to you all later.

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Noelle said...

Let's see....WalMart probably has some play money....I'll think about the telling time game...maybe that could be a good Christmas present? I think our book orders have some books/activities to go with telling time and with money! I'm going to put a book order up this week!