Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Running Away

Just a quick post to update you on whats going on here. NOTHING! I have had little time to scrap. I have been hitting the books. I signed up to take my LCSW. Now I need to relearn everything the book way.

We had "I am running away to Missouri" drama the other night. Hope all you in Missouri are ready to raise a 5 year old. Cause he is packed. See pics below.

Speaking of running away. I feel like running away. I need a vacation. Cole woke us up at 3:30am sicker than a dog. Luckey for me it was Steve's side of the bed :). So he is in with Alice watching TV. He should be a monster later.

Speaking of monsters :)


Gramma said...

Hey Cole -- Sorry you are sick --get well. But if you do run away you might want to put on some jeans, shoes and coats. Remember -- it is a long, long way to gramma's house! Grandad is really bored so he would love to have a little boy to play with. Love Gramma and Grandad

denisemk said...

Hi Cole! This is Aunt Denise. You can run away to Arizona with only shorts and a t-shirt because it's warm and sunny here at our house. Uncle Arn and I (and the javalinas and bobcats and lizards) would love to see you! Be good to your mom and dad--they're tired and worn out : ) Love you!