Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're Back!

2000 miles, lots of of fishing, camping, hiking and 2 new tires. What a vacation! We left August 1 and met up with Mom, Dad, Jon, Sally, Lucas, Mariah and Michael in NE. Sunday we made up to the mountains. The weather was unusually hot with rain every afternoon. We caught lots of fish, ate lots of Smores and saw lots of wildlife. Thursday instead of fishing we limped our way into Laramie for two new tires. They didn't just go flat. They died a quick and painful death on a cattle crossing guard. We made it home Saturday night. After 8 loads of laundry it is now back to the grindstone of work. Here are a few of my favorite pics of vacation. There is no way I can post all 200! Enjoy.

Cole and Lucas playing .
Cole sleeping and eating. Two things he is good at!
Heading up the canyon.
Looking for a fishing hole.
For once the lake is calm. I'll tell you about the leaches later!
What a ham!
A big catch.
A bigger catch!
I spy.
This would make a great xmas card but we haven't showered in 4 days!
Opps. Two new tires for us.

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Uncle Dave said...

Lots of great pictures. Looks like a good time...except for the tires.