Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy but not so lazy Sunday.

We got nothing and a lot accomplished today. I continued to get ready for vacation. Cole continued to make messes and Steve continued on the back patio. We are in the home stretch on the patio. It is looking great!

Cole got a new and his first fishing pole today. He can cast like a true fisherman. His first try he managed to get it around the tree in the neighbors yard!

Cole and I were looking up animal facts about Colorado online. He is printing out guides so he and Gramma can look for snakes and birds! Good luck with that Gramma. Bring your best snake wrangling skills.

Our back patio is taking shape
Babe Kennedy

May need to lower his ears for his new fishing hat.
The boy has it down!
Don't worry. It is pudding.
We may be allergic to mosquitos!
Our new friend who lives in our Tomato garden. 

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Uncle Dave said...

Looks like Cole is ready for the trip. Have great time. Maybe I will be able to join you next time. Darn job!