Saturday, August 14, 2010

Writer's Workshop

A few days late but I thought I would give it a go anyhow. I chose the writing prompt of, "I miss the friend you used to be".

I miss you my extroverted friend. The friend who is always up for a good time. 867-5309. The rule breaker and party maker. The one that everyone knew they could count on for fun.

I miss the staying up til 6am friend. The jello shots in the freezer and beer on ice in the bathtub friend. The kissing random boys flirty friend. The sleep all day and cut class so you could be ready for that nights bonfire friend.

The one who knew how to charm her way out of trouble, even with the town cops. She was always able to come up with the next scheme and somehow not get busted or murdered. The type of friend who was loud and proud. Able to speak her mind and then change her mind at the drop of a hat.

Now you have turned into this overly responsible neat freak who plans her life down to the second. What no more kissing random boys? When was the last time you had a drink? What the hell are you doing up at exercise? Who turned you?

You are much more boring now! I miss you wild child! But you have a bigger have spawned a wild child of your own......Good Luck With That!

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