Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Ready for the School Year

We took a little jaunt today to New Buffalo, MI for some beach time. I got a little crispy on my back (may have something to do with the 6 year old in charge of putting on my sunblock on my back)

Summer is winding down. In just a few weeks we will be back in the school mode. We spent last night discussing as a family the yearly behavior chart/rule chart.

He really takes pride in coming up with his own rules. He came up with 1.) Homework (reading and math) 30m everyday 2.) Going to bed at 8pm (without fighting us) 3.) Being ready for school (he is a dwadler) 4.) No crying unless hurt (he is famous for turning on the waterworks when not getting his way) and 5.) empty the dishwasher.

We use free behavior/reward charts from online. He colors and dates them every week. Here are some of the resources where he gets his charts.

As a reward he gets to go to his favorite ice cream place on Friday nights. To earn this he has to get a perfect chart. We have to place his chart where he can't reach it. We have caught him adding his own stars in the past!

Well off to bed early for this girl. The sun, surf and sand make you extra tired. TTFN.

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