Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Enough

I have been on a quest this year to simplify my life. Out with the overfilled scheduled life and in with the simple appreciative life. One of the first places I have been trying to simplify my life has been at work. Now it is is hard to simplify work when I have no control over things like census, procedures and policies, but there are a few things I do have control over.

1. Work is work and home is home. I used to be one of those that would stay until the work is done. Guess what.....it's never really done. I could work 12 hour days and still have more to do. I get there on time and I leave on time. I rarely stay later then 30m over anymore. Guess what.......nobody cares. Well my family cares....they are happy I am home earlier.

2. The power of delegation. I am a team member not an individual worker. I ask for help and give out tasks. I don't have to do it all by myself.

3. Patience. Something I have to practice. It will get done and happen when it is supposed to. Once I delegate tasks I back off. I trusted them to make it happen now I need to let them make it happen. Practicing patience has decreased the stress in my life.

4. Gratitude towards others. Simply showing appreciation to others has opened a whole new group of people in which to ask for help from. People like to be appreciated. Letting them know how much their help has meant to you will likely get you more help in the future.

5. Organization. Taking the first 20m every morning at work to gather my tasks, supplies and thoughts is the cornerstone of my day. I stay in a quiet area until I am ready. If I get ready up in my work area I will be approached before I know what is going on. I feel more stress when I can't answer questions or produce results. So taking that time to get it together sets a calm tone to my day.

6. Commute. I unfortunately have a 40m commute into the city. I take the quickest route with the least amount of traffic. If there is construction I find a different route. I listen to music, books on cd, or my own thoughts. I am not a fan of commuting and what it does to the environment but it is my only option at this time. I am working on finding a job in my town so then maybe I could commute by bike in the future!

These are just some of the ways I have been working towards a less stressful and more simple life at work. We have been making changes at home also but now it is time for me to get ready for work. I'll chat at ya later.

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