Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a Member of the Herd

Those of you that know me know I have been feeling overwhelmed the last few years. I have had a hard time putting my finger on what has changed. I am a "mover, shaker and list maker" I thrive on chaos and crisis (just look at my job as a medical social worker). So what has been going on? At first I thought it was just getting older. Then I chalked it up to not living near my family support system. I could throw in motherhood and a full time job as a possible reason for the increasing "head barely above water" feelings. Maybe I have too many goals?

I think I am finally getting it. It being the realization that my happiness is not dependent on my success in life, job, or money. I am realizing that I have been defining my success by measuring myself and my family against other families successes. How did I get like this? I am a drivin person but I have always felt I was an individual and not a member of a "herd of sheep" living in this great country.

So I have been setting out on a personal journey this year to try to determine my goals in life for me and my family. I have been reading books and blogs researching things like, "living simply", "goal planning", "frugal living", "green living" and "faith" etc....

I thought I would share a few of the blogs that I like to lurk and take notes in order to change my life.

One of my favorites is Illuminated Mind and Body . Jonathan is one smart man. He really cuts to the chase. Asks you to question what your real goal/purpose in life is. Is it what you want or what you think you want compared to others. Are you part of the herd?

Another site that I enjoy is mnmlist: just the essentials. It’s a site by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and it reminds us that we need to minimilize our lives. Live simply, lighter, on less. We are too overwhelmed with things, stuff, lists. I like lists......... a lot. I notice that my lits are getting much more simple or minimal. I'll share some of my list making later.

A final place that I enjoy visiting is Chatting At The Sky. It prompts me to slow it down. Enjoy the small stuff. Keep my faith. Find beauty in the everyday. Even if it is not contributing to anything on a list or obtaining a goal. Because just being in a moment is usually a better memory then a pair of new shoes.

So follow along as I try to come up with a personal manifesto for myself and my family. As we try to break out of the herd!

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