Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monday Post on Thursday?

I can't believe I have been such a slacker about posting! Things have been kind of sickly here. I started last week with yet another sinus infection and throat infection. This will be either a continuation of the big one in January, or the 4th one since January! I ran to quick care at work. He thought the tonsils needed to come out! That would not be a good time at 33!

So I made an appointment with an ENT. He said I can keep my tonsils! He put me on antibiotics and steroids for a month to try to kick this nasty infection.

Easter was a blast. The bunny visited, I cooked, Steve worked on the kitchen floor, and we saw a movie. Here is my menu plan for the week. We have stuck to it really well. I am very proud of us! We will be eating leftovers or things made with leftovers all week......Hope you like turkey and ham :)

Easter Dinner - Ham, Turkey (good sales so I prepared both), scalloped potatoes, stuffing, lemon bars, italian pasta salad

Breakfast - cereals, toasts, eggs, oatmeal etc....
Lunch - Ham Salad Sandwhiches

Monday - Easter leftovers
Tuesday - BBQ Turkey Sloppy Joes
Wednesday - Turkey and Dumplings
Thursday - Homemade BBQ Turkey Pizza (last of the leftovers!)
Friday - My Mom's in Missouri
Saturday - My Mom's in Missouri

Since we have an 8 hour drive on Friday to my Mom's I am planning on packing lunches instead of eating out. Deli sandwiches, carrot sticks, yogurt and chips are on the menu.

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Mom said...

8 hours? Are you getting old :-) You use to drive it in 7!

Mom's menu -- Reuben's (sorry Steven)

Hot dogs


Good ole meat and taters at this house!

And tell Cole -- Lucas has already found the cookies!