Monday, March 8, 2010

Trading Spaces!

So Mom and Dad have caught the renovation bug! They are busy this week cleaning out closets in preparation for a new family room. This room will include a new fireplace! Mom was looking for ideas so I thought I would post a few pics that may suit their taste. Rustic, outdoors, lodge, natural materials is how I would envision their new fireplace. Here are some pics.

*all pics taken from the web. They do not link up. Google images "stone fireplaces"

So the trading part comes in here! Do you know what this is? It is plans for my new outdoor space. I really want a pergola! We (ok..mostly Steve) can handle most of the work. Its the big beam work that we will need help with (I have a big head and little arms :) ) Maybe we will trade work with the folks :)

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