Sunday, March 7, 2010

Landscape Planning

March in Illinois is kind of borning. You never know how to plan your day. You have the itch to be outside and yearn for spring. You can have a little of every season all in a weeks time. This is a good time to start planning my flower beds. I have several scattered around the house. I thought my blog would be a good place to get my ideas down (since I can't draw). I'll have Steve draw out the beds later. He may have to make life sized models so I can visualize the height of the plants :)

I organized my ideas by type of light they plants would need. Up first are my shade plants. I have a wonderful shade area on the West side of my house. I have noticed in the past that hostas, ferns and primrose thrive on that side of my house. I have some hostas in back I plan on moving around to that side. Hopefully they will do better there. I am also looking for a climbing vine type of flowering plant that likes shade. I want to hide the trash cans:


Sun Gardens in the back and front of the house (both are full sun most of the day)

Some Peony's for the back corner of the house. Near the cellar door.

all images are from Spring Hill Nurseries website. Click on the pics and they will lead you to the site for purchase..

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