Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reading Sessions

THE------TOP-----CAN------TIP. NAN-----AND------NAT-----CAN------TAP.
You are an awesome reader. You can read well beyond your grade level (we have proof from the teacher in her own handwriting). You can sound out names of dinosaurs, and for all I know you could be doing it correctly! Signs at toy stores, on the Tivo guide for your favorite TV shows and any packaging that may look like it contains a cookie are almost flawlessly deciphered by you!

So how can I accurately describe the reading experience with you? I am sure your teacher wouldn't believe the struggles we endure to get through your readers every night. How there are tears, whining (by all of us), "breaks", promises and threats.

Your thoughts on this......"I already learned to read Mom".

I get so frustrated. You do know how to read. You are a good reader. You act like 20 minutes of reading will kill you. My impatience boils over!

Just when I get ready to ship you to Gramma and Grandad's for a month, I think of the blessings of the situation.

You have the ability to read and learn to read! Your little eyes can see the words and your little brain can compute and make sense of them. You are an independent spirit and if there was something else you would rather be doing, you will let me know about it. You are creative, you will read it backwards, with your eyes closed and standing on your head, just to make it more entertaining to you.

To me the biggest blessing is that I have the gift of you to teach! God gave me you and trusts me to raise you up to be able to read and understand HIS word. So no matter how impatient and tired I am I will remind myself that we will make it through. One of these days you will read on your own. No matter how painful our reading sessions are now one of these days you will be an independent reader and won't need my coaching. I know I will miss these days. No matter how frustrating!

*Inspired by Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky.


brianna said...

Oh, the refreshment that a new perspective will bring. Thanks for the great reminder to see the true gift. Even in the frustration.

Trisha said...

Yes, you will miss those days. And you'll be listening to him smoothly read a passage from a book to you, and you'll forget just how hard things seemed to be. You're wise to know to enjoy the now, the what is instead of what isn't. :)

Get Real Girl said...

We have reading sessions like this, too! And so many times have I said to myself. "This child needs to spend some time with Grandma, she can teach you how to read." Then one day she just kind of gets it and all those sessions are worth it. :-)

Gramma said...

Send him to us! We are ready :-) We know he can read! We miss you Cole (and mommy and daddy)

Love Gramma and Grandad

Dan said...

It's been (quite) a few years since it was the reading time around here. I remember being so tired of reading the same stories night after night. And then having the same stories read to me time and time again. And then missing the reading time as the son headed full length into his independence and reading all on his own.

Enjoy this time to its fullest, you will miss it when the time is past.