Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I know I am posting early, but I will be super busy tomorrow. We did the grocery shopping on Saturday. $275 for the entire month. I am going to try super hard to make it under $300 this month! I should be able to make it. I had great meals last week with bare cupboards. These next two weeks will feel like a feast!

Breakfasts this week will be: Breakfast burritos, cereal, muffins, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, juice.
Lunches this week: leftovers but I also had some extra ground turkey so I made Steve some taco meat. So if he doesn't want leftovers he can whip up a taco or some nachos.

Sunday: Sliders
Monday: Bourbon Chicken
Tuesday: Pizza Ziti
Wednesday: Shepards Pie
Thursday: Parmesan Tilapia
Friday: Homemade Pizza (tradition on Friday nights in this house)
Saturday: Taco Soup

*we love to try other's recipes but we always modify .we use whole wheat, organic produce, low fat, low sodium,turkey, fish and/or chicken in our meals. we rarely if ever eat red meat or pork. just not fans of them.

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shopannies said...

my teens would love your menu