Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it weird that I associate people with colors? When I meet a person for the first time I imagine them as a color. I love color. One look at the inside of my house and you would realize that I am not a beige type of gal! I am not sure when I realized that my peeps were colors. As I have looked back over my scrapbook pages I have noticed that I scrap my peeps in the colors that I associate with them.

I associate my son with green - natural, full of energy and life. My hubby is brown. Like a comforting teddy bear or a tempting piece of chocolate ;). I see my Best Girl as burgandy and that symbolizes tradition and steadfastness. My Mom is Bearcat green and it signifies home to me. My Dad is blue, a safe and comforting color.

It has been cool to look back and realize what colors and emotions I associate with who. Hey! I think I feel a scrap page coming on!

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Gramma said...

This is the picture I need for my new frame! Cute picture Cole!