Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Day

"Whew! What a busy day we had", uttered one very sleepy and hyper (sugar overload) 5 year old as his mother was trying to wrestle him to bed! "It was a busy day" declared his mother, "now it is time to go to sleep". "But I am not tired" whined the little boy, "I still have lots to do". "Like what" questioned his very irritated mother? "I dunno, wanna thumb wrestle" asked the little boy?
We did have a very busy day, and I have pictures to prove it. We started off the day playing 2000 rounds of Connect 4, watching Pokemon and finishing a cute birthday gift for my friend Martha (whose bday was last week). We then decided that we wanted to bake a cake or two. This would require a trip to the store. While we there we decided to get groceries also. We thought it might be a good know......eating this week. We are not particularly found of shopping so the cupboards were bare. Not even a bone. We got home and baked and baked and bake. We made a cheesecake and  a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.......from scratch! I got the recipes off of The Backpacking Cakester's blog down in my blog roll. You will have to check out her site! She is a genius! Ok. I better get the van warmed up and head off to work. Have a good one everybody!

Dress Card and Picture holder made out of an office clip
Matching card set
Off to get our ingredients.
So sad. Wants to play outside, but Daddy says no!
Crushing the crackers.
stemming the strawberries (notice who is doing all the work and who is supervising)
Almost summer!!!!!!
Almost done (I accidently picked my medium sized pan, we almost had a huge mess!)
Sampling the chocolate buttercream frosting for cake number 2.
I wanted it to sit overnight to "set up" but somebody couldn't wait and I couldn't take the whining anymore!
He declared it "ginormously delicious"
Very sad she didn't get any. Poor Alice!

Happy Mardi Gras (yes a week late)


Gramma/Grandad said...


Gramma and Grandad miss you. We are waiting patiently for you to come show us how to play our Wii!

We love you.

Gramma and Grandad

Lucas "Bubba" Duff said...

I love all your layouts. I wish I were more creative to do things like that but I just don't have it. Maybe when it's nicer we can come visit. It's an hour close from Jeff City. Miss you guys!

Mariah said...

She is right none of us are that creative ha! They are all really cool though

Kimmiesmom said...

Hey, you need to give me your email address!!! Did you know your big wig friend from care management (Carrie?) is a scrapbooker. See I knew you guys had something in common!!!! LOL Won't see you at work tomorrow, got in a car accident today, (don't even ask as if things could get worse), am really really sore. Need to get your email address. Email me.

Oh yea, your little guy is SOOO CUTE!!