Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today

Here are some images that made me smile when I was looking up kitchen planning sites. I could see me finding a place for these pretty things in my home.

Cool Enamelware Breadbox!
Old Kitchen Scale
I could see this filled with cupcakes......ok fine fruit....but the cupcake idea sounds better!
Love these three colors together. Wonder what Steve thinks of an orange, green and brown kitchen?
Very cool tablecloth!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Much of THAT stuff is from My childhood-what ANTIQUES ;-) Hugs!!! (wicked step-mom)

Jenny said...

I am a nurse and social worker. I love old things. Including you!

Gramma said...

Jennifer I think I have some of that in the back closet and Gramma-great has the other stuff! If you take it you have to take the Cabbage Patch dolls and the Barbie Dolls and the Daybed and the.....

Love Mom