Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Blahs!

Will it ever end? Winter that is. I am really ready for warm sunshine and green grass! I must be getting old. I don't remember hating winter this much as a wee one. There is really nothing going on. Work is work. We are getting ready to move into the new bed tower at work. Change is nice. The tower is beautiful. Here are a few pics to catch you up on the goings ons. Enjoy.

Super Cole

Cole got the "Best Thinker" award at preschool!
Making a picture frame at sweetheart day at school
Sweetheart cookies. MMMMMMM!
Looking for eagles at Starved Rock


Sammy, Cooper, Noelle, & Jeff said...

I love the "trouble" picture. I anticipate Sammy having a similar picture when he's Cole's age!

Gramma said...

Cole -- No matter what your mommy tells you -- you did to CATCH A FISH! That was so much fun and I only hope we get the chance to catch another one sometime this summer. We miss you

Love Gramma and Grandad

P.S. I'm making cookies -- can you smell them?

Jenny said...

I wanna cookie!

Gramma said...

Better hurry and get here -- not many cookies left!