Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are getting ready to do "IT" again??????????

Yes folks you heard me. Home renovation fever has hit us again. This time will be different.  First we are living in the house while we renovate and's the kitchen..........yikes. We are in the planning stages now. We have picked out what we want, what we can reuse and our budget written and posted. We are planning on reusing our cabinets (painted and new doors), all of our appliances are new. Our big ticket items will be flooring and countertops and a new sink (cause I want a new farmhouse apron sink.......because I just do:) ). Now we have to wait till it gets warmer so we can BBQ. We may also have to invite people from Missouri up here for a "working vacation" :). Only for the wall removal and putting a new beam up. The rest Steve figures that I may be of some help!

I love change. I am so excited about starting and making the kitchen bigger. I also am excited and nervous about the new change going on at work. The new bed tower opens in a month. Now the planning of how and who will move is going on. So much anticipation! Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

I will post pics later (when I can get on the good computer) of the kitchen as it stands now so you can follow the dust of change! Have a good day everyone.


Megan Haupt said...

Oh man, I am so glad it is you and not me doing the kitchen. We did ours in May last year and it was HORRIBLE! I love the outcome but the 2 weeks it took was awful! If you need to get away from it you can come stay with me, cause I will be feeling your pain!

Sammy, Cooper, Noelle, & Jeff said...

Sounds like some exciting plans. Get ready to Eat out :)