Monday, November 3, 2008

Today was my day off. I spent most of it sick. I did get outside to rake a little but quickly ran out of steam. Seems this head cold is heading for my chest. I did get some cards made today for my friend Kim who is having a card drive to send 500 blank cards to the troops. I have about 15 done. If you want to join in let me know. Enjoy the pics!

All I can say is that my husband took this one!

The little guy helped.

for 5 minutes.

can you say pose (except that is his real smile and not his Chandler smile)

the porch

and we are still going to have all these to rake.

and these! Not to mention the other 3 large trees behind the house!


Lucas "Bubba" Duff said...

I so don't miss the trees and the raking. The trees look really pretty though.

Kimmiesmom said...

LOL, glad to see someone else has a ton of leaves to rake too!!! My hubby wants to use the vaccum on the leaf blower to suck the rest of the trees!!! LOL Hope you feel better!

Uncle Dave said...

Great leaves! I loved the pic of Cole in the leaves. So much like a boy.