Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome New Friends!

Sadly it was time. Time to let go of old friends. Friends that kept me warm and safe. Safe from Lego's, midnight toe stubs and cold tile. Friends that certain friends made fun of (you know who you are Mr Hafley). Friends that come along once in a blue moon that you actually feel sad about losing. I am hoping that it is a blue moon. That these new friends will become what I have lost. They will become the the trusty guardians that keep me from slipping down the stairs or having little plastic toys embed themselves in my skin.  Friends that may be more acceptable to my flesh and blood friends (yep that's you Mr Hafley).  I promise to use and abuse you. Throughly wear you out and in! Welcome new friends.

Rest In Peace Old Friends


Rich said...

Good riddance to the freaky rabbits!

Are these artificial sock monkey slippers, or were actual sock monkeys killed so that your feet could stay warm?

Jenny said...

No actual sock monkeys were harmed in the making of my slipper :).