Monday, September 8, 2008

5 years ago today!

We became parents. It was the best and most trying decision we ever made! I can't believe that our little man is 5 already. It goes way too fast. He learns new things everyday and continues to amaze us with his knowledge and sense of humor. He is a funny little guy, full of laughter and smiles. Steve is pretty sure we will be in the school office for this little one who loves to be the center of attention and will do anything for a laugh! Today he announced his future job plans. He wants to be God! While we admire him for is huge dreams and aspirations we brought him "back down to earth" and explained that there is only one God and he has that job for life. Maybe he has a future in ministry?

We all played hooky today and decided to head into Chicago to the Field Museum. He has been there before but was too young to remember. He thought it was "awesome" and wants to go back soon. What made today even was "free day" at all the Chicago museums. In the words of my wonderfully cheap spouse......"nothing beats free". 


~Miss Shayla said...

aww your son is adorable! I hope he had a great birthday :D

I take care of kinder-1st graders ...I absolutely LOVE that age!!!

Gramma said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

WOW -- 5 years ago we were camping in your driveway waiting for your arrival. Sounds like you had a fun day -- we only wish we could have been there with you. Grammy loves free just as much as your dad does! We love you!

Gramma and Grandad

Noelle said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

We like free as well (it must be a family thing!)

Aunt Sally said...

We hope you had a great birthday, Cole! Talk to you soon.