Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Closer

for the start of school. Cole was pretty excited to meet his teachers today. They did a home visit just to break the ice. Cole is pretty quiet about it now (can't believe it either?) but Steve said he seemed to like them.

It has been a rough two days at work. I can't wait to hit the lottery. Not that I would quit but at least I would have the option to quit. That's what it is all about. Options.

My friend Sara went through her stamps and brought me about 50 of them. I need to go through them and see what I will use. I told her that I would but the rest in my upcoming garage sale and give her the money. Goofy girl. Some of them aren't even used!

Here are some recent projects I have been working on. Yes I am working on christmas cards. People are already asking for them. Enjoy.



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