Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bad Blogger

I have been a super bad blogger. Not because we don't have anything going on. It is actually just the opposite. We are super busy. Worked all week at the hospital and then would come home and work. We have several projects going. We would like to get the house on the market in the next month or so. We have all little things to do. The front yard is the bigger project. By bigger I mean more work and $$$$. I will post pics of some of our latest projects. The outdoor projects are coming along nicely. We just have to work on them between the raindrops! Cole likes the rain because it equals mud. Mud equals fun in his book.

This week on our agenda is to finish Cole's room (touch up paint, baseboard and trim and 2 pieces of crown moulding) and then hit the upstairs hallway (paint, trim and crown moulding) and our bedroom (crown moulding, trim and new ceiling fan). Are you sensing a theme here? Crown moulding!!!! We would also like to continue to work outside on and off as it is going to be nice. We have a landscaper coming over M or T to give us ideas and estimates for the front. That is where the most work is needed.
Well off to bed. 4:30am comes awful early. TFL.

New planting area in the back. See Cole's little tomato plants. We just have to get the caps for the blocks and cut down the fence posts to a better size. I found solar powered fence lights that fit like caps right on top. I got four. One for each side of the entrance gates into the yard

Cole at 8am this morning. Getting ready to head into the house for bath #1 (had 3 today!!)

Cole's new green and white room with a door!

Back yard landscaping (no more rocky mud pit!!!!). Just have to decide if I am going to plant along that wall or grow rocks!!!! Rocks are easier.


Anonymous said...

WOW -- that looks so nice! I can't believe how much you have done but I guess it has been over a year since we have seen it. Cole -- I love making mudpies!

Love Gramma and Granddad

Dave said...

I like the work you've done. The backyard looks FUN and Cole's room looks so CLEAN. Uncle Dave

Noelle said...

Playing in the mud looks like SO much fun -- Aunt Noelle used to do that all the time! :)