Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy Weekend of Absolutely Nothing

First off. I have to say thank you to Grandad for the voice changer that he got my son on our last visit to the Ville. Words cannot express our love for that toy. Needless to say we will be really sad when the batteries die or the toy disappears or the toy comes for a permanent visit to the Ville.

I worked Friday night and slept most of Saturday. The boys worked in the yard. We are digging out for the patio/walkway next to the deck. We will use the same stone that we started near the fence line. We are also considering putting a fence in front of the house. I am making Steve photoshop a picture so I can see what it would look like before we buy the fence.

I have no idea what is on the agenda today. Cole was outside playing around 8am! Still a little chilly so he didn't last long. It won't be much longer and it will warm up enough that he will stay out the rest of the day.

I will post a picture of a layout I did last night and pics of Steve in the yard. I am also working on something really cool today for Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...


Don't let mommy hide your voice changer. Not only is it fun but it is my form of revenge.


Granddad George