Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bad Last Couple of Days

I know I have been a bad blogger but it has been bad this week. We have had non stop excitement here this week. Some good and some bad. Kim (my BFF since grade school). Had her baby boy. He was a whopper. Mom and baby are well. Off of work Tuesday and the gals (Kris and M) came to scrap all afternoon. We had a great time.
Then it kinda went down hill
Tuesday night the MIL fell and ended up in the ER. She is ok. Just looks like she has been involved in a street brawl. Steve got home after getting her situated around 2am. At 3:30am a little guy I know decided to pee the bed. Needless to say Wednesday was not a good day. I think I was sleepwalking. Wednesday evening Steve and Cole were at the park and a sweet little girl decided to share her Reece's Pieces. So sweet. Except when your son forgets he is allergic to peanut butter. Steve got him home and got the Benedryl down him so all we had were hives and swollen eyes. Guess we know he is still allergic!

Here are some LO that I have done in the last few days. Enjoy. It can only get better this week?

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