Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Knew

that I was so linear? I have always imagined myself as laid back, relaxed and go with the flow. Lately the flow has been in the form of straight lines. I am enjoying lining things up. I have always been organized but I am now finiding joy in organizing my creativeness. Here is a layout that I just completed for a challenge at Scrap Diner. The nice straight lines and linear feel are comforting just like my mini.

The weather if very cold here. I sure wish spring would hurry up. In the van I have a rain coat and umbrella, snow boots, wool pea coat, mittins, hat, scarf, emergency blanket and sunglasses. I figure at this time of year you never know what you might get so be prepared. An example of this was yesterday. I left a meeting at 6pm and it was snowing in Joliet, raining with thunder around Morris and cloudy with the setting sun threatening to peek over the horizon in Ottawa. ???? It goes to show you never know.

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Noelle said...

Now we know where Cole got it from!

:) Jeff & Noelle