Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Its back to work I go. I did not get as much accomplished yesterday as I had hoped. We spent several hours at the library. Cole in the playgroup, Steve reading magazines and me browsing the stacks or snoozing in the magazine room with the homeless :). Cole has stopped taking naps which would be fine except that he still needs them. He is such a grouch in the evenings. We will just have to move up bedtime to 8pm instead of 9pm. His vocabulary is really taking off. He is using such big words in appropriate and inappropriate ways. For example yesterday he called Steve a jerk. He did get in trouble for it but I had a hard time not laughing because he used it appropriately (Steve was being a jerk). I have a ton more pics to scrap but did not have the time after watching Ghost Hunters last night. I had to take the little guy to bed and I decided to read one of the books I picked up yesterday. I got Firefly Summer by Maeve Binchy and the biography Mockingbird about Harper Lee. We will see how far I get. With a four year old my reading lately has been limited to magazines and newspapers. This will be the first books I have picked up in two years. How sad. Well it is 6am and I need to shower.

BTW. Did you all see the lunar ecllipse. We watched portions of it. Steve was out looking for it the night before which I thought was funny. Bwahahahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Cole we are waiting for him to come and play. Of course we will still have snow!

Far Far Away Gramma