Friday, February 22, 2008

Heat Wave

We are having a heat wave of 20 degrees today. Woo hoo. I wish I was snuggled up in the covers still with Cole and Steve. Today should be the last day of JACHO survey at the hospital. We have done great so far. Keep your fingers crossed. I got up early today to scrap. I got a page almost done. I need more supplies but I am on a "diet" for the next few months due to overspending in Feb. No plans for the weekend b/c I will be working at the hospital. Can hardly wait. I suppose I better go start my car so it is warm and then I can head off to work. It should be a fairly busy day so at least it will go fast. Then when I get home I can head to the gym and put a few more miles on my tennis shoes (I did three on the elipitical trainer yesterday!). TTFN.

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