Sunday, August 22, 2010

Square Foot Gardening Results

Just thought I would post an update on Camp Kennedy's Square Foot Garden
It all started here. Little tiny plants in a new place.
I was uncertain how they would grow in the new location!
The zucchini loved the new location. By love I mean LOVED!
The tomatoes also thrived. The green beans were plentiful also!
I am getting  harvests like this every few days!

I learned a few good lessons this year. First of all. Zucchini plants get big. Give them plenty of room. Next year I will plant my watermelon far from my zucchini.  Peas don't like the back corner. They felt left out so they drowned themselves. So next year I will find a drier place for my peas.  The beans thought their spot was perfect. Just have to keep the bugs from bugging them. Since I did a decent job I may get super crazy and add some cucumbers and corn! I still have lots of space around the back yard.  How big do cucumber plants get?  Oh and I need to learn to can! Enjoy. I have to now go and pick more tomatoes!

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