Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Punctual Dog

I love routine.....and so does our youngest dog! Every morning she patiently waits until I tell her to "go get up the boy" and then she runs up the stairs to do her job. She knows it is her job to get "the boy" out of bed. I love watching this production. Nothing is better than listening to early morning giggles from a half sleeping boy. She takes her job very seriously. If her internal alarm feels like I may be late she lets me know. She keeps my mornings on track. I am blessed to live with such a punctual dog :)

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JoAnn said...

Hilarious! You have a funny dog, my dog refuses to do anything i ask, so i'm a tad jealous. What a cute post. I can't believe your adorable son needs a wake up call, are you a morning person? Because I'm always of the persuasion to let sleeping dogs (and sons) lie. I like sleeping. A LOT.

Beth said...

That is precious! My grandkids used to love it when I would tell them to go wake "Unky Joe." They would jump on his sleeping self and the giggles and tickling would commence. I loved that sound!

keLi said...

I'm going to have a serious talk with my pooch. She is clearly not earning her keep ... although I think I'll train her to make pancakes, not wake the boy.