Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You can't tell from this picture. This is a before picture. This is the picture of a first loose tooth. A very excited little boy working like the dickens to get it out! I am sure that soon we will have an after picture.

Excitement was not his first reaction this morning. Fear and worry were the first. That first pain after biting into his morning cinnamon toast about shot him through the roof. Once I figured out what was going on and we explained the "rules" he was all about losing it! I have a feeling it is all for the $$$$.

I remember losing my first tooth. It was barely hanging there and my folks were tired of messing with it. My Uncle Terry took care of it for me. Despite all the kidding I have finally forgiven the man :) Maybe I will send Cole to him! Stay tuned for the after picture.

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Megan said...

LOL! Dad was talking about pulling your tooth the other night!! Gracie has a couple of teeth that are just hanging there so I told her I was going to have Grampa pull them, and he informed me he wasn't pulling anymore teeth!!