Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Blogging

I may have to go with less sleep (is that possible?) but I promise to blog more in 2010. I would like to get back to a post a week if possible! I am going to give it a good try anyhooo.

Since I haven't blogged since Aug (when Cole started school) a lot has gone on. I have included a few pics at the end of this post just to catch you up. In October we took a much needed trip to Arizona. We so do love it out there! It is great catching up with Denise and Arn and love their beautiful home. The are the best hosts! I didn't get to catch up with any of my AZ friends this time b/c we took a trip into California to see San Diego. The boarder patrol was a new experience and the beach and watching the surfers was fun. We will go back there for a longer vacation some day. We hit Sea World but next time I think we will try their world famous zoo.

November found us back in IL and back into the swing of things. We got into the routine of school and homework. We knew that Cole would love school. He is such a little smarty pants. He has taken to reading and was put on the Student Council! In Kindergarten!!!! Yes this means more work for Mom and Dad.

December brought winter to IL. We have had about 20in of snow when you add it all together for this month. We are ready for a tropical trip...........and soon. Christmas has just passed and Santa was good to us. You can now find us having Wii tournaments in the family room. It can get brutal!

Happy New Year....................and remind me that I promised to blog more this year!!!!!!

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