Friday, August 28, 2009

Yep We Are Married!

It's your typical Friday night around the camp. Steve is grocery shopping and I have kid duty. No hanging out with friends, no dates, no movies. Just plain ol getting things done kind of Friday night.

I have made my meal plans for the next two weeks based around the sales. I handed Steve the recipe box and magazines and told him to pick out some meals. Out of the hundreds he flipped through he picked out 3 meals. Can you say picky!

I then sent him grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks. One of these days I am going to try a month at a time. I figured I better break Steve in slowly to this whole meal planning idea. You remember he is the guy that will eat tacos, pizza or burgers just about every night.

He just came home from the stores. He hit up Krogers, WalMart and Aldi. He spent $85.40 (savings 50.03!). He managed to get everything on the list plus a few more for the next 2 weeks! That boy can shop! Of course it did help that we will be back home for 3 nights. Sponging off Mom and Dad!!!!!! Maybe we will move back in? That would save $$$$$$$ for us and they get to see Cole. It's a Win /Win situation!

Here is my menu for the next two weeks.
8/30 Turkey Burgers
8/31 Spagehetti (something easy on soccer night)
9/1 Orange Salmon
9/2 Enchilada Stuffed Shells
9/3 Turkey Goulash
9/4 Bacon Wrapped BBQ Apple Chicken (crockpot)
9/5 Out of town
9/6 Out of town
9/7 Out of town
9/8 Skillet Lasgana
9/9 Homemade pizza
9/10 Ribs (crockpot)
9/11 Grilled Chicken Kabobs
9/12 Turkey & Bean Enchiladas

Well off to get ready for job number 2. TTFN


Mom/Dad said...

Your dad says to tell you we charge $700 rent :-) and that is a discount because your are our daughter! We will have fried trout one night -- you get to figure out the other meals!

Maybe potluck :-)

Jenny said...

woo hooo fish fry. and 700. that may be a little steep for 1 room and a shared bath :)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of the fried trout! Sounds very yummy!!!! Mariah