Monday, August 24, 2009

This is my favorite time of day.

When the world is going to sleep. My little man is worn out and wants to snuggle with his Mama. I am glad he still likes to snuggle.

When the sun is going down during the spring, summer and fall you can usually find us on our porch swing. While it is too dark for me to take a picture of it I am sure you all can imagine it. It reminds me of many a summer night on my Grandparents porches. Both sets of grandparents had porches or patios. We would run all over the yard while the grown- ups shelled peas, snapped beans, talked and relaxed. Neighbors would walk by and stop for a visit and we would watch cars pass. Then the snacks would come out. Strawberries, homemade ice cream, popcorn. They are comforting memories. 

I will always have a house with a porch. A place where I can find comfort and provide comfort. A place where I can visit with my neighbors. Several of them also have porches. I have yet to figure out why they do not sit on them as often as we do ours. Cole adores our porch swing and often requests to sit out there for a "little bit" until bed time. It is a tradition that I hope he carries on into his own family.

I am working on getting my magazine pile under control. I came across a article in January 2009's SHAPE magazine (yes I am that far behind). It was about packing your lunch for work. It is not only good for your waistline but also your pocketbook. It stated that the average person spends $6.50 a day on eating out for lunch.  That's like (hold on doing the math).............$1700 a year! Just one more reason to start loving leftovers!!!!!!!!!

Well off to get the little man to bed. He is practicing going to bed "early". He starts school in 2 days. We are all super excited and a little sad at the same time. He informed me that I could cry in the car :)

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Gramma said...

Someday our porch will be complete and you can bring Cole and we can swing on our new swing! Maybe next weekend:-)