Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you see this sweet little face. Who knew it could be so sweet yet so sour at the same time! Somebody is having a hard time since coming home from vacation with Gramma and Grandad. He forgot the entire universe doesn't revolve around him.  After a major family "altercation" tonight we had an emergency family meeting discussing behavior. It was also necessary to bring out the behavior chart once again. He was doing so well without it. We have one week to shape him up for school. Boot Camp starts now!

He had his first soccer practice tonight. It was cut short due to the storms coming in but he enjoyed playing in the rain. His shin guards are his new favorite "socks". I'll have to hide them or he will wear them daily

After soccer we had a tour of his school and got to meet the principal. Let us hope that this is the one and only time we have to meet him!
Just to show you all I am not the only one with the I wants. Here is Steve's vote for the 11 drawer pulls I need!

Here are some more pics. This is looking from the stove area towards the office. Yes we will be redoing the office also Probably the same as the kitchen. We are arguing about flooring for that room!
My little laundry nook.
The stove area. Yes those are fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The are yummy!

As you can see we still have a ton of work to do. Rome wasn't built in a day! Feel free to come up and lay some flooring or hang crown moulding!

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Gramma and Grandad said...

He is only young once and he is still sweet. I bet he is just worn out. We made him mind and listen. Does this mean we never get him again for a vacation?