Saturday, June 20, 2009

First TBall Game

Go Green Cardinals?????? Cole can't figure it out either but he is super happy having a new green shirt! Daddy said he got 3 good hits and only got out once. He loves to field the ball. Even if he is catcher he will chase it all the way to the outfield :). We are glad he is having a great time. Go Big Green????????


Gramma and Grandad said...


Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Your ball shirt is neat and it sure looks like fun. Wish we could get to a game to watch you play.

Love Gramma and Grandad

Anonymous said...

His cheeks are rosy-he looks like he had a great time! GO COLE!!!!!

Wicked SM

Uncle Dave said...

I love the batter helmet. I always felt those things were more a danger than a safety to the t-ball players. T-ball was my favorite to coach when I was in charge of the summer program. Actually, it was the only group that knew less than I did about baseball. Looks like Cole is having a blast and that's what counts!

Gramma Mary said...

Hi Cole,

What a special day! Your first T Ball practice with many more to come! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love your rosy cheeks and your bright green shirt.

Gramma Mary