Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Holiday Weekend To Do List

We have a ton planned this weekend. I worked last night at Moo's. I slept until noon this morning and then it was up and at em. I finished painting the dining room. Steve just has to touch up the crown moulding (too tall for me). He is now putting up the crown moulding in the family room. I love the gray color. It turned out wonderful.  We are still planning finishing up a ton of stuff this weekend. I have a cabinet to paint (have to unpack it first!). We would also like to work on the yard or the porch (needs a touch up). The cabinets are in and will be delivered on Tuesday. The kitchen is not any farther. They will have to hang in the garage until we are ready. Well off to scrap. I haven't gotten to do that for a week! Withdrawal is painful.

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