Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Projects

I woke up this morning stiff but not in spasms. That's good. I have a lot to do. We decided to head to the flower dept and our local hardware stores and pick up the smaller plants for the yard. We had a ball. It is a lot of hard work but we are getting our landscaping done for $6000 less by doing it ourselves!

We also decided to keep our hutch and not get a new one. We are no longer fans of the country oak look. We love the shape of the hutch just not the color. Plus it means a lot to us since Steve's mom got it for us right after we were married. We decided to paint it flat black. It turned out super. I may change the hardware on it in the future. I will have to look around for new hardware. Not sure what I would want to put on there. Now all I need is my sideboard (still in the ville- ahem anyone want to deliver it?).  Well off to bed. Night all!

Country oak. Not our style anymore
working hard
full of paint (Cole took this)
finished product
laying out the planting beds
A new tool. He is turning into George----and I can't believe that I own a tiller
smelling the new flowers

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