Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dreams are such funny things aren't they? I believe that everyone and everything dreams.

Alice and Betsy for instance, just a few minutes after they drift off they are on some fantastic adventure. Alice, who sleeps with her eyes open (which kind of freaks me out), runs, huffs, barks and wags her tail often in her sleep. Cole and I suppose she is chasing Betsy. Betsy on the other hand whimpers in her sleep. Cole and I suppose that she is trying to get away from Alice.

Speaking of Cole. I am so happy he has wonderful dreams. He laughs his way through the night. Not just little giggles. Big belly laughs. So hard that it actually gets me and Steve laughing. It is very rare that my little man will have a bad dream, that makes me happy. 

My darling husband swears he doesn't dream. I am sure he does he just doesn't pay attention! Color me surprised!

I on the other hand will have some of the strangest dreams. I get visits from long gone relatives, movie stars, and pets. I dream about work often. Which I want on the record I believe is very unfair! Work all night in my dream and then have to get up and go to work. Geesh! 

Last night I dreamt that I was getting married. Don't worry it was Steve. We were at a bed and breakfast. Cole was there! I had a very ugly yellow 1950's prom gown as my dress. We were getting ready to leave for the ceremony and a white duck got into the room and pooped all over my dress. Cole thought it was hysterical, Steve was annoyed and I was relieved that I got to wear jeans!

It was so realistic that when I got up I immediately went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror to make sure I looked ok! Then I really woke up and got ready for work. Which is where I better go now!

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