Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots of Water

Ike dumped on us! We got about 9in of rain since Thursday night. The Fox and the Illinois are at record levels in 25 years.  Our basement is drying out but the rivers are still rising. We took pics tonight so you could see what is going on. They placed trains full of sand on the train bridges trying to keep them in place. If they go then we will have a huge problem. It will take out the only open road over the river. While I don't think the river will get high enough to be at my front door, I ask that you pleas pray for my neighbors. The river is expected to rise through the night and crest tomorrow. Hopefully the sandbags hold. 

2 blocks NE. This is the back road into my neighborhood. The road I take to work! Cole enjoyed watching the fish swim by on the road.
The end of our street two blocks West. They built 3 sandbag dams.
The riverwalk by the other entrance to the East side of town. See the Gazeebo roof?
Our neighbors one block South
Like I needed another excuse not to go to the YMCA to workout.


Noelle said...

Can we see pictures of the trains full of sand, or are they not accesible from your "island"

Jenny said...

Nope. I will take those pictures tomorrow. It was getting dark.

Noelle said... I'm assuming you can't make it to work? Are you getting ots of scrapping done?

Anonymous said...

OH Jennifer-that's awful! I'm so glad you are not dealing with that in your front yard! Take care and be safe! Your Wicked Step-Mom!