Saturday, July 26, 2008

I now know

why my parents looked so stressed before vacation. We have so much to do before heading out. I almost wish I had a camper to pack. It might make it easier! More room. The dog woke me up at 5am so I cleaned the downstairs. The upstairs gets to wait until she wakes me up tomorrow at 5am ;(
Cole is getting to be quiet the little drama queen. Last night we were discussing how the boy on TV was 5 just like him.  Next thing I know we have tears because he was sure we missed his birthday and that he was "done" with 4. Poor little guy. It was hard to give him sympathy when I was trying not to giggle! It took us awhile to reassure him that he still had a  month until his 
5th bday and that we would let him know when it was! LOL

Her is an acrylic page I made to hang on the wall. How cute did this turn out! I love it. 
I plan on scrapping more today after I get some things marked off my list.


Stephanie said...

cute pics of cole! Your new camera takes some really nice pics also! I cannot believe how much you scrapbook and stuff, you really make beautiful stuff! looks like you guys are doing great. It was nice catching up on you again!

Uncle Dave said...

Great pictures! And by the way...Cole is a drama prince, not a queen. Have a great time on vacation. Wish I could have arranged my schedule to meet you guys out there. Maybe next time.