Monday, June 30, 2008

New Big Boy Room

Well we are pretty much done in his room. We just have the baseboards to finish. Steve also wants to switch out his outlets. Who knows how long those have been there. He wants to update them and make sure they are safe. Cole was so surprised that he got a new big boy bed. It fills up half that tiny little nursery he is in. He looks so small in the bed. His first order of business was to arrange and then rearrange all of his animals! He won't be able to sleep in it with all his friends there.
Our next order of business is the upstairs hallway. We need to paint, put up the crown moulding and trim out the baseboards. Then on to our bedroom (crown moulding and trim) and the same with the upstair bath and guest room. Then we can start downstairs.

Well Cole is hollering from the bathtub and then it is off to bed, 4:30am comes awful fast! Night.

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Uncle Dave said...

Good to see Cole made it home. I like the two-toned room and the new bed.