Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Middle of Vacay!

Hello all. Just thought I would post a quick note and some of my favorite pics of this vacation so far. Too bad it is coming to an end so quickly. I am going to have to start planning my next one to have something to look forward to. Sunday we went to Epcot. Monday was spent at the Magic Kingdom. Today, Tuesday, we spent at Clearwater beach. It was Cole's first trip to the beach. He loved the sand, shells and waves. He was having a hard time deciding which he liked better. The beaches of Florida, mountains of Colorado, or the deserts of Arizona. I will post more pics when we get home. I already have so many layouts planned. I will be scrapping for months!

Oh and I got a new Nikon camera for mothers day! I am a picture snapping fool (as if I wasn't before).

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Noelle said...

Looks like fun! Sammy can't wait until he gets to go and meet Mickey and friends.